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So, back for a week now, and seriously, its like I never left the place.  All the jobs just keep rolling on. Its true, I spent most of the week compiling a detailed report of the Cuban extraction (completed file will be on your desk before I leave this afternoon, Jack!) But that's just paperwork.  Went down the station last Wednesday to collect an item the police had recovered from a drag raid. I'm actually pretty sure its alien, and Tosh mentioned she'd seen something similar early last year. Completing a report on that one too. Again, mostly paperwork. It was good to see Andy again though. He was mucking around, says the guys all think I work for an anti-terrorist league, but he knows we're really looking for UFO's. He was joking though. I think.

Friday was weevils, out past Spolt. Two of them came to the surface, but hit the sewers again as soon as we showed up. Just as if they were teasing us. Paperwork will be in tomorrow.

And the weekend, well, it was a weekend at home, that doesn't happen often.
Diane's still in the hospital. It seems she contracted a virus or something, and in her weakened state they had to keep her in a little longer, I'll go round to see her this afternoon I think.

I must be addicted to my adrenaline or something. I'd almost say this week has been too quiet.
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Lopez has just called, he's on his way. My heart is pounding and I can hardly breathe. I'm so nervous, right now. There are so many ways this can go wrong. So much trouble if it does. I'm wearing the uniform Lopez gave me, there's a rifle leaning against the table. I want to get this over with. I want to get Diane out of that horrible place, and I want to be sitting on a plane back to Britain. I want Lopez to hurry the hell up so we can get on with this.

Look, I know I shouldn't be thinking like this, but all this sitting around waiting means I do nothing but think like this. So, if anything goes wrong, will someone please let Rhys know that I'm sorry and I love him.

I'm going to go try and focus. See you all back at the hub.
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Well, I guess by now you all know Owen and I are in Cuba, and you probably know why. So, Hello! Postcard's in the mail.

Well, it took a fair bit of cash but we got into the prison last Friday afternoon. And I was right, it is our Diane. I wish it wasn't; then it would be sad and tragic but just routine -- Someone flying where they weren't supposed to be, got caught by a touchy and highly suspicious government. We'd have no responsibility.

But when the guard swung that door open, there was no mistaking that figure looking up at us. Although now she looks bruised, shaken, almost conquered. It breaks my heart to see such a strong woman like this. She couldn't talk to us much, so I can only imagine what she's been through. But I know she is a strong woman, so I have hope she'll pull through this.

We've met with Senor Lopez twice since last Friday, each time in a different seedy little pub in downtown Havana. Lopez is the man our contacts here directed us to. It seems he's not very taken with the regime here, and also has a fondness for the luxuries the American dollar can provide. He's agreed to help us break Diane out. For quite a substantial fee of course.

There are still a few elements that need to come together, but the plan is so far, that we'll be breaking her out during the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Don't try this at home, kids. And for those of you watching with keen anticipation, keep your fingers crossed for us, okay?

Oh! And hello to the new girl! Izzie, don't let them boss you around. And be careful of any drinks Jack makes you, watch him pour it. See you when I get home.
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Had a ball shopping with Rose earlier. Retail therepy cures all ills. Okay, so it doesn't really, but its a nice distraction. Rose is great company; good listener, and can spin a good story too. Its nice to have someone to just laugh with and be girly with again. I think we're going to get along well.

Can't sleep tonight, even though I'm dead tired from such a long day. I lie down, but I can't get comfortable, and I can't stop my mind racing, and it's harder still without Rhys there. Mum told me her trick once -- to get up and do something else. She figures, if you distract your mind for long enough, it'll remember that it's tired and turn itself off. So I came out here to potter on the computer. I'm still waiting for it to work. This lack of sleep thing, it's becoming a bit of a habit, really. Thank goodness for Ianto's coffee, or I don't know how I'd function!

Still, I just yawned, that's got to be a good sign. Though I'll have to get up in a couple of hours now, so I wonder if there's any point...
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Because I can't sleep anyway.

There, might see if I can get some sleep now, after that.


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Thoughts are racing round my head, and no one to tell them to. Which is how I got into this mess in the first place.

From here, where?
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