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"Hello? Hello, Rhys? If you're there, please pick up. Rhys?

Okay, well, when you get this, will you please call me. I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday. It looks like we'll be back tomorrow, okay. Can we please talk when I get home? Just give me a chance to talk about it.

I love you."


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I've walked this village from one end to the other this morning, and turned up pretty much nothing we didn't already know.

Several other locals know of our blonde woman, but no one has anything more to say than that she was "A bit of a snob", "Rather reclusive", "never really said much" and other comments in a similar vein (all documented in the file, Jack). No one knows her name, or has ever had much of a conversation with her. She rents her cottage out to out of towners, usually city people on weekend breaks and the like. They're seen in town fairly regularly, and have not been noted to say anything positive or negative about our mysterious woman. I'm working on getting a list of the tenants of the house so I can see if there's a anything to connect them, but my guess at this stage would be no. She might be using the house herself for her base of opporations when she's out this way, but I don't think her tenants are involved.

Other than that, no one in the village reports anything unusual, either in the last four weeks or at any time in the past. No comets, flying saucers, boogie men or crazed nightshade-doped alien monsters. This village is so uneventful I think I'm falling asleep. My reccommendation is to note this woman and her apparent connection to the alien, add it to the file, and flag it for attention if anything else like this appears in the future. After all, the alien is dead, it didn't hurt anybody, and nothing else has attacked since then. Of course, we haven't searched the woods yet, or the cottage, so we can't be sure yet.

Not that I am in any way in a rush to go home.
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Well, that was an afternoon's recon well spent! There is absolutely no worthwhile shopping in this village! One of those combined grocery store/post office jobbies, a farming equipment store, a museum about some nearby unremarkable standing stones, and a yarn store, which is all well and nifty if you like that sort of thing, but it took Tosh and I about 30 minutes to do the lot. Although I did manage to convince her to buy a lovely green woollen scarf -- hand-made by the locals! We spent the rest of the afternoon in one of the local pubs, The Old Green Dragon. One of those really close knit types of thing. You know, where everyone knows everyone else. Where everything goes dead quiet when the out-of-towners walk in, and they all whisper to one another behind their pint glasses.

No one seemed very interested in talking to us, but the bartender did have a look at the CCTV capture we had. Said she recognised our blond lady. Didn't come into town very often, but had had dinner in here just over three weeks ago. Bartender didn't seem too impressed with her. Said she had a "Bad attitude" and "shifty habits" and "was always putting on airs and graces." Not much help, really.

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Well, tomorrow we're off to the country again. Can't say I'm thrilled by the idea, but Jack's right. We need to do the field work. Over a week at our desks and we couldn't come up with anything. I think it will do us good to get out of the office. You know what they say about falling off the horse and all that.

Wish I had some of your enthusiasm, though, Captain.

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--Atropa Belladonna also known as Belladonna or deadly nightshade. Found in shaded areas, woodlands, likes limstone-rich soil, which pretty much covers most of the south of Wales, especially the area surrounding Cardiff. Very rare.

--Highly toxic. All parts of the plant are toxic to humans and most animals. Contains Tropane Alkaloidswhich affect the parasympathetic nervous system. Atropine competitively inhibits the action of acetylcholine (ACh) at the acetylcholine receptor in the nerve synapse, thereby preventing the parasympathetic nervous system from sending out electrical nerve impulses.

--Symptoms of belladonna poisoning are the same as those for atropine poisoning(the best-known of the tropane alkaloids), and include dilated pupils, tachycardia, hallucinations, blurred vision, loss of balance, a feeling of flight, staggering, a sense of suffocation, paleness followed by a red rash, flushing, husky voice, extremely dry throat, constipation, urinary retention, and confusion. The skin can completely dry out and slough off. Fatal cases have a rapid pulse that turns feeble. The antidote is physostigmine or pilocarpine, the same as for atropine. Interestingly, some animals, such as rabbits, birds and deer can eat the plant seemingly without suffering negative affects.

--It was believed to be a main ingrediant in a witch's "flying potion" in medieval times, probably due to the disorientating, disociative, and hallucinogenic properties of the herb.

--Despite the apparently suitable conditions for it's growth in the areas surrounding Cardiff,Dr Llew Gruffud, a botanist specialising in Welsh wildflowers and herbs, says its very rare in these parts, almost impossible to find. Says it has been spotted in Coed-y-Bedw woodland park and also the Rhondda Valley. Said you'd "be bloody lucky to find it, though. Or unlucky." He then reminded me not to eat it.

-- Or, you could just buy it on ebay.
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This is the part of the job I hate.

There was an alert on my computer this morning, a note from the rift monitoring program. At around 3.15 this morning, during high tide, the Branwen, a mid sized fishing vessal, disappeared into the rift with everyone on board.

So they've gone, and they could end up anywhere from here, depending on the whim of the rift. They could be thousands of years in the past, or millions of lightyears from here. They could be refugees on another world now, on another ocean. Or they could be circling the sun in an atmospheric void. I'm hoping they've sailed into Cardiff Bay some time in the future, where the future Torchwood Three is explaining their new lives and assigning them contemporary identities. I guess I'll never know.

I have a list in front of me, now, the Crew and passanger manifest. And I have 27 next of kin to speak to, give them the fabricated story. And for anyone else who may have to use it: the official story is that a freak squall struck approximately 75 knots out of Cardiff Bay at around 3.15 this morning. The Branwen was the only vessal affected, but it sunk with all souls on board.

And Jack, 75 knots out of Cardiff Bay? The rift is definately growing.
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