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Just when you thought life on the Rift was getting dull... - tw_gwen_cooper
Just when you thought life on the Rift was getting dull...
I'm sitting here, at my desk at home, trying to make sense of today. Just when weird becomes normal, when I think I've reached a stage in my working life where I seriously expect to be thrown the unexpected, I get hit in the back of the head with something that's so far beyond strange, I can't even grasp it.

I've been distracted all evening, and Rhys wants to know what's going on. You know, lately, I've been so close to breaking down in front of him. I've been so close to telling him, oh, not everything, but small things. "Yes, Rhys, aliens are real. The Slitheen, Cybermen, the Battle of Canary Wharf, and so, so much more. And I help keep an eye on them. Clean up after them." Not much, just a little bridge between my two worlds.

But I couldn't tell him this. How could I? "oh, by the way honey, something even more impossible than usual happened at work today, that's why I forgot to answer your question about Aunty Lilwyn's 65th birthday plans. What was it you said?" He's sitting watching What Not to Wear now. I can tell he's annoyed with me because he's not exclaiming loudly at the poor hapless fashion victem's purple velour tracksuit pants, like he usually would. He's not trying to draw me down beside him to share the mundaness of television.

I knew something was up when we could hear raised voices from Jack's office at lunchtime. Those two have been the epitome of smooth sailing ever since ...well.. ever since Jack came back. And then Ianto came storming out of the office and left the hub. Wouldn't look at any of us as he left, and certainly wasn't stopping. Izzie was working with me. I was filling her in on one of the databases we use for writing up cases, and she looked as confused as I felt. Ianto's departure even startled Tosh out of whatever technological dream-world she was absorbed in. 

Only Owen didn't seem particularly phased by it, although he had his concerned-doctor face on when he broke the news. I think he's a little excited by it all, really. Another medical mystery he gets to unravel and play with.

I'm quite unnerved by it all really. It's unnatural. Well and truly.

But then, if I'm thinking that, how the hell must Ianto be feeling? No wonder he flipped out. My god, his world must be turned upside down. And he's all on his own. I wish he hadn't run out. It can't be good for him to be on his own right now.

I'm so confused. I don't know how the hell its possible. Jack must be worried sick about him. About them both. Oh my god, I can't believe this series of events.

Jack got Ianto pregnant. And my mind is spinning.
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