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Somethings never change (Tuesday afternoon) - tw_gwen_cooper
Somethings never change (Tuesday afternoon)
So, back for a week now, and seriously, its like I never left the place.  All the jobs just keep rolling on. Its true, I spent most of the week compiling a detailed report of the Cuban extraction (completed file will be on your desk before I leave this afternoon, Jack!) But that's just paperwork.  Went down the station last Wednesday to collect an item the police had recovered from a drag raid. I'm actually pretty sure its alien, and Tosh mentioned she'd seen something similar early last year. Completing a report on that one too. Again, mostly paperwork. It was good to see Andy again though. He was mucking around, says the guys all think I work for an anti-terrorist league, but he knows we're really looking for UFO's. He was joking though. I think.

Friday was weevils, out past Spolt. Two of them came to the surface, but hit the sewers again as soon as we showed up. Just as if they were teasing us. Paperwork will be in tomorrow.

And the weekend, well, it was a weekend at home, that doesn't happen often.
Things with Rhys are okay. Not wonderful, but better than they've been in a while. There's an awful lot of manners going on, but no tears or arguments since the night I got home. I have a feeling its not all sorted out yet, though. There's more that needs to be said, and it wont be long.

Diane's still in the hospital. It seems she contracted a virus or something, and in her weakened state they had to keep her in a little longer, I'll go round to see her this afternoon I think.

I must be addicted to my adrenaline or something. I'd almost say this week has been too quiet.
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