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I came home to an empty flat today. I've tried his mobile, and… - tw_gwen_cooper
I came home to an empty flat today. I've tried his mobile, and Dav's place, his mum's and the pub, but he either wont take my calls or he really isn't there.
But the light on the answering machine is no longer flashing. So he has been home, and he did listen to my message. And his stuff is still here, all but a couple of shirts, and a few pairs of socks. His Little Britain dvd's are still on the shelf, his favourite mug is still upturned on the draining rack by the sink.
I rang his mobile again, and left him a message. Told him I was home, and that I missed him, and that I loved him.
It's nearly midnight now, I'm sitting in the living room, sipping coffee, because I can't sleep anyway. I didn't really expect him to come home, but I had hoped.

The editor of the crack-pot news paper replied today too. He couldn't tell me much more than was already printed. But he sent me a photo, and that was all I needed. I really think it's her.
Time to tell Owen.
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