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To: gwen.cooper@gmail.com From:… - tw_gwen_cooper

To: gwen.cooper@gmail.com

From: editor4@weeklyworldnews.com


Dear Ms Cooper,


Thanks for your interest in our story of the mysterious woman being held by authorities in Cuba. Unfortunately, we don’t have much more information to tell you, as anything newsworthy we discovered would have made it into the original story; we have a commitment to providing our readers with the truth of our bizarre world.


To restate the facts printed in our article: An apparently Caucasian woman flying a small plane of a type last in common usage in the early 1950’s made an emergency landing at a Havana airport in the early hours of last Tuesday morning. According to our source, she was unable to adequately explain either her identity or her presence in Cuban airspace. She is currently being detained by Cuban authorities as a spy. American authorities are conducting their own investigation and suspect the woman of being nothing more than a stunt flyer who flew off course. However, we here at Weekly World News have our own theories about who she is. We believe her to be a traveller from another time, or possibly another dimension, stranded here. We are unable to acquire any further details as yet, but our source says she is still being held in Havana and no trial date has yet been sent.


I’m attaching a copy of the plane she landed in. Our source managed to take this photo from the runway, though we couldn’t print it with the article due to space restrictions.


Hope this helps your curiosity!

George Sands,


Weekly World News,

Missing Mile, North Carolina.

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